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Since 1997, we’ve been telling stories that teach us about who we are as Americans and as citizens of the world.


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We believe that by listening to and honoring other people’s stories, we get closer to discovering our own authentic selves.
When we share those stories, human connections grow stronger.

  • Learn

    You can’t tell a story if you don’t understand the context. We research with our minds and our hearts.

  • Ask Questions

    We remind ourselves that having the courage to ask hard questions is always the right answer.

  • Tell Great Stories

    We are storytellers; because we know that a great story, told with sincerity and compassion, builds up what's been torn down.

  • Create A Dialogue

    We use our films to encourage the exchange of different opinions and beliefs; so that ultimately, everyone feels valued and respected.

  • Teach

    We conduct Diversity and Inclusion Training using the film, “I’m Not Racist… Am I?” Interested?

  • I'm thrilled to be working with Point Made Films.  Not only because of their style of filmmaking, but also Point Made's track record shows an unusual ability to keep people emotionally safe when working with, and confronting challenging and sensitive issues.

    DAVID ALPERT The Calhoun School


Meet the creative and talented people who are changing the world.

  • Barb Lee
    Barb Lee Founder | Director | Exec. Producer

    I love stories, especially when I learn something that helps me to better understand who I am and who I’m becoming. That’s why Point Made tells stories that explore identity in American society. I think we all love to be entertained by movies, but I believe we’re drawn to stories that help us define who we are, and show us how to become better versions of ourselves.   We try to do that with every story we tell.

  • Catherine Wigginton
    Catherine Wigginton Director | Writer | Producer

    An inherent love of storytelling led me to journalism — initially, as a writer for magazines and alternative newsweeklies. I joined Point Made in 2007 to help write a few blog posts for the Adopted website and within a few weeks I got the chance to work as a production assistant on a shoot with the Fero family on the West Coast. I immediately knew I had found my passion in making documentaries. I went on to co-produce In 500 Words Or Less, and wrote and produced Adopted: We Can Do Better. This year, I directed, in partnership with The Calhoun School, our newest documentary, I’m Not Racist…Am I? 

    Going into other people’s homes to learn about and document their lives is an intense and intimate experience and such an incredible privilege. In sharing these stories, we all get to learn more about ourselves and, at the same time, feel more connected to one another. I’m so grateful to all of the families I’ve met through Point Made Films who are allowing us to tell their stories.

  • André Robert Lee
    André Robert Lee Director | Producer

    I’m a writer, director, producer and public speaker.  After working with Miramax, Dreamworks, Universal and HBO, my dream came true when I was able to direct and produce The Prep School Negro.  With the completed educational version of the movie, I began touring in 2009. In visiting over 200 high schools, colleges, universities and conferences, I have unexpectedly evolved into an advisor, teacher and role model.  Currently, I’m a consultant for Connecticut College’s Mellon Undergraduate Research Program, a member on the Advisory Board for Ready, Willing and Able: The Doe Fund, Inc., and a juror for Academy Awards Student Competition.

  • Deionna Wilburn
    Deionna Wilburn Executive Creative Director

    I am a creator, and after years of creating within major, worldwide advertising agencies, my life path directed me to Point Made Films–a film company, who like me, desired to teach, elevate and transform the world with their creativity.

    As Point Made’s Executive Creative Director, I ensure that the same authentic and unique voice that we use to create our films is continued in their advertising and promotion.  With integrity and inspiring creativity, Point Made and its documentaries are changing so many lives for the better, including my own.

  • Vanessa Walker
    Vanessa Walker Director of Operations

    My background in storytelling is rooted in Opera. I received my Masters of Music from the Cleveland Institute of Music.  I joined Point Made in 2007 as Director of Operations to help create an efficient organized environment which was conducive to creativity.  Art in all forms can be so powerful, persuasive and educational. It is a privilege to work with the storytellers at Point Made and to experience first hand the kind of  life changing awareness that can come as a result to great inspired storytelling.

  • Lenny Walker
    Lenny Walker Director of Programming

    My background is in all things musical.  As a music business major and aspiring songwriter, I love to see how things evolve from inception to completion.  The ability to create art that moves and inspires is one of the greatest things in the world–I’ve been so moved by the thoughtfully created art that Point Made has produced.

    There are so many things that cause people to learn, grow and make a difference.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to help facilitate that through Point Made Films.

  • Nancy Kim Parsons
    Nancy Kim Parsons Co-Producer

    My love for storytelling began on stage in college, and led me to the Yale School of Drama for my MFA.  I believe in the power of film and its ability to provoke discussion, inspire and be a catalyst for change. While producing In 500 Words Or Less, I met so many students of various races, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds that it expanded my view of the world. But producing Adopted was especially personal and meaningful to me. I was adopted from Korea and grew up in Minneapolis, MN; so my hope is to use Adopted, along with my personal understanding of transracial adoption, to educate and inform.

  • Ashwin Gandbhir
    Ashwin Gandbhir Editor

    My body of work as editor encompasses all formats from short promos and commercials to feature length documentary films, including The Prep School Negro. I have collaborated as a storyteller with major broadcasters, independent filmmakers and non-profit organizations, and my work has aired on networks such as Showtime, Discovery, National Geographic, MTV, and CNN, among others.

    I believe in the power of documentary film as a catalyst for social change–using intimate stories to shed light on larger issues–which is exactly what Point Made Films does. I’ve had the privilege of working as an editor with Point Made over the years, beginning with the trailer for In 500 Words Or Less and subsequently editing The Prep School Negro and I’m Not Racist…Am I?  Each project has given me new ways of understanding the American experience and renewed my faith in the importance of the medium.

  • Russell Santos
    Russell Santos Editor | Cinematographer

    As an editor, cinematographer, director and producer with over 18 years of experience, I have been apart of many exciting ventures while working with extremely talented people and companies like EMI, Columbia Music, Wondaland Art Society and Point Made Films. Creating and editing various types of projects has shown me that filmmaking is truly boundless. My career in video, film and documentary is a lifeline for me; it is why I am continually evolving; and how I experience and change the world.


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